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Our Reviews

“I would highly recommend Amy Winkler of Alva Consulting, Inc. I worked with Amy for over four years, and I was never disappointed in the process or the results. She was always personable, professional and responsive. All projects were finished in a timely manner and to my satisfaction.”

Nancy Grace N.

“Amy Winker of Alva Consulting, Inc. was able to work with a complicated system and create smart, efficient user manuals that were easy to follow. Excellent illustrations that correlated easily to the step-by-step instructions made the guides an extremely valuable asset at launch. She was able to dive into our systems and figure out the workings with little direction.”

Cullen K.

“Amy Winkler of Alva Consulting, Inc. worked with us on our company-wide operations manual for a over a decade. She helped us envision the original document and continued to maintain it through multiple format changes from paper, electronic, and then to an online version. She diligently tracked minor and major changes, caught oversights before they became bigger problems, and completed the project in a timely and efficient manner. She took on all issues related to the updates including getting fillable forms to work the right way and suggesting rephrasing of the policy language. Her help was invaluable to keeping this major document and company blueprint moving forward and adapting to the company’s changing needs.”

Laura R.

“Amy Winkler of Alva Consulting, Inc. is an outstanding technical writer with a keen attention to detail. Amy always goes the extra mile and consistently demonstrates leadership. She is a consummate professional with a combination of technical knowledge and passion for writing. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Yvonne N.

“For over eight years Amy Winkler of Alva Consulting, Inc. has been the exclusive writer of the comprehensive product and process training materials I use with my clients. Her proven ability to understand the context of the materials allows her to create a finished product that both captures my training objective and enhances my audience’s learning experience. Amy’s professional advice continues to be priceless over the years I work with her.”

Chuck M.

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