Amy’s Bio

In college, I was intrigued by the graphical user interface (GUI) that AppleĀ® Computer developed for their computer software applications. I enjoyed spending hours learning how to use the various functions of a new software application. I believe this curiosity guided me to my current profession.

After graduating from college, I worked as a graphics administrator and then as a marketing specialist. I felt I wanted more experience in the information technology and software development industry, so I started working on various projects in IT departments on a contract basis. The variety of contracts gave me the opportunity to gain valuable technical writing experience on software development projects.

In 1999 my husband Jeff and I founded Alva Consulting, Inc. I offer my technical writing / information developer skill to numerous Fortune 500 clients on a contract basis. As you read the testimonials from my clients, you realize I am considered a very valuable resource for their ongoing technical writing needs. Jeff is a software and applications architect, developer and programmer who works with various clients developing and customizing software solutions. We have worked together on various software development projects. Given my passion for learning software, it would come as no surprise that I would meet and marry a man who is a computer guru. (He still amazes me with the wealth of computer knowledge he retains.)

As I continue to pursue my passion for learning new software and instructional design, I have observed that people learn in different ways and you really have to understand what your learners need. A critical step at the start of any project is the front-end analysis. This crucial step sets the direction for the rest of the work that is done on the project. I continue to work with companies and partner with teams that create a variety of training solutions that support and build the confidence a person needs to perform their work tasks both effectively and efficiently.