EDUC 766: Instructional Strategies and Assessment Methods

This is the second of four classes for the Instructional Design Certification program at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.  The Instructional Strategies and Assessment Methods course covered the following information:

  • How objectives, instructional strategies, and assessment are linked. The critical nature of triangulation.
  • The importance of sequencing material at the various levels of instructional objectives, lessons, and topics.
  • Instructional strategies: when and how to include activities for direct instruction, practice, and transfer of learning. Examples include narrated PowerPoint, video, podcasts, and screencasts, drill and practice, case studies, self-assessments, games, scenarios, and simulations.
  • Assessing learning: methods for traditional and alternative assessments, including authentic assessments, self and peer evaluation, rubrics, online surveys, e-portfolios, tests and mini-quizzes for self-paced tutorials. The role of feedback in learning.
  • How assessment informs evaluation. Appropriate use of formative and summative data for decision-making and future development.

Below is a list of items I created as part of this class.

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