EDUC 768: Project Management for Instructional Design

This is the fourth of four classes for the Instructional Design Certification program at University of Wisconsin – Stout.  The project management processes, practices, artifacts, inputs, and outputs are fully transferable to any project in any field or discipline. In the Project Management for Instructional Design class I learned how to:

  • Break down the project management process and relate it to the instructional development process.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and application of components of the initiation phase by producing deliverables for the phase.
  • Assess the value of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and create a WBS.
  • Develop detailed schedules for instructional development projects.
  • Select and organize the resources necessary for successful project completion.
  • Plan and apply the steps in project closure.
  • Adapt project management and instructional design principles to scale single projects to multi-course production models.

Below is a list of items our project management team created for this class and are included in the attached sample: