eLearning for Manufacturing Software

Attached is an eLearning sample.  Note: This eLearning module includes audio.

Background and Target Audience:

The Create and Add a New Machine to the Machines Maintenance System (MMS) eLearning module is one of four modules. Because the MMS may only need to be accessed periodically, due to new machine updates, the eLearning can be accessed as often as needed as a refresher course by the MMS administrator(s).

The target audience is the die cast mechanical engineers (Machines Maintenance administrators) at ABC Company who provide recommendations to their customers and businesses regarding the use of vent and/or vacuum blocks in the manufacture of their specific products using the EZ Block Sizer software application. Currently there are two mechanical engineers in one location. Additional learner characteristics include:

  • Ages: 41 – 50
  • Gender: 100% men
  • Education: Post-secondary
  • Work Experience: 2 years with current company, 5 to 10 years in engineering and 2 years in die casting industry
  • Familiar with the EZ Block Sizer software application
  • Familiar with computers and technology
  • Familiar with die cast terminology